Current Trends in Malware and Ransomware

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February 10, 2017
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As computing technology continues to advance, malware also continue to be more sophisticated. This demands security experts to develop malware removal tools that can effectively combat these cyber threats. The past year witnessed a significant rise in malware attacks on home and big organization devices. Current trends indicate what to expect in 2017. As the year progresses, we have already experienced some of the deadliest malware attacks like ransomware, which have never been seen before. Here are some of the current malware trends that you need to be on the lookout.

Ransomware Becoming More Sophisticated
In the previous year, it was reported that ransomware extorted over $1 billion from various victims of cyber-attacks. This year the malware is likely to become more complex and directed to specific victims. Basically, this malware holds device data hostage and demands the payment of a specific amount of money before the information is freed. In order to be on the safe side when this threat strikes, it is absolutely important to back up data in your device. This ensures that in an event you are attacked, the compromised data can be recovered.

Increased Vulnerability of the Two-Factor Authentication
So far, two-factor authentication is touted as the best way to avoid attacks. This is because it requires the user to enter data from two separate devices. However, this year has seen cybercriminals device powerful malware programs that have the capability of bypassing this authentication system.

Cloud Attacks
Storing information on the cloud provides the convenience of accessing data from anywhere in the world using any device. However, cloud servers are the ripe targets of attacks. The attackers have realized that there is more data stored in the cloud; hence, they are likely to direct much of their cybercriminal activities on the cloud systems. To be safe, ensure you have chosen a cloud provider that uses the latest encrprition technology.