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Preventative care to protect your business

By placing an emphasis on preventative care, we catch common problems before they can negatively impact your business. When issues do arise, we use a combination of remote access and dispatched on-site support to troubleshoot your concern as quickly as possible.

Let’s face it: computers and networks malfunction. The fact is that some problems can be solved with preventative care and maintenance. Backing up important data, checking for malware and viruses, cleaning up the hard drive, and removing dust build-up are only a few tasks that should be regularly completed. It all depends on the size of your business network.

Our expert techs at FireFold can determine whether a computer’s sluggishness is coming from a lack of updates, malware, or even a failing hard drive. Catching many of those issues early can save time, money, and even irreplaceable information.

Make sure all elements of your business network are running smoothly with FireFold Tech’s maintenance services!

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