Professional Software

Dental, Tax, Office, organizational, Veterinarian and many more
In professional offices, specialty software can be the backbone of the entire business. This software can include anything from bookkeeping to full clinic records and is usually designed to handle specific informational and organizational tasks.

Selecting professional software is an extensive process that requires a careful analysis of your business’s needs, budget, and plans for the future. There are also a number of compatibility issues to be considered when choosing a program to handle these essential tasks. FireFold Technologies can assist in the selection and support of many popular software solutions.

Our technicians specialize in the following professional software:

  • Dental – Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Oasys, Dolphin, Serona, Dexis
  • Tax – Pensoft Payroll, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Ultratax, Proseries
  • Office – Officemate, Office 365, Citrix
  • Organizational – Goldmine
  • Veterinarian – Avimark
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