Preventative care is just as important in technology as it is in medicine

Let’s face it: computers and networks malfunction are serious issues.

However, the fact is that some problems can be solved with preventative care and routine maintenance for computers. Backing up important data, checking for malware and viruses, cleaning up the hard drive, and removing dust build-up are only a few tasks that should be regularly completed. It all depends on the size of your business network.

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You know the initial symptoms—freezing screens, slow computers, frequent network failures and rebooting.

These can seriously slow your business, or worse, bring things to a halt. Our expert techs at FireFold can determine whether a computer’s sluggishness is coming from a lack of updates, malware, or even a failing hard drive. Catching many of those issues early can save time, money, and even irreplaceable information.

With FireFold Tech’s routine computer maintenance services, we make sure all elements of your business network are running smoothly.

Why You Need Routine Maintenance For Your Computers?

Our expert team makes sure that your computer, networks, and clouds are functioning at its best. It is utterly important that you recognize what regular computer maintenance can achieve. Here are some pointers to help you-

✓ Reduce security risks with suitably updated applications
✓ Update your antivirus against new network threats
✓ Help free space from unnecessary files
✓ Enhance your computer’s speed
✓ Determine the issues and fix internet browser problems

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How FireFold Tech Can Help You?

Professional Routine Maintenance for Computers

Software Updates

Software should be updated on a regular basis. We ensure that all security updates are downloaded from time to time and you have a bug free version of the software running.

Disk Defragmentation

For reconnecting fragmented files on the disk, we perform defragmentation using different tools that compress the files together, creating a large block of free space, making writing disk faster.

Disk Clean Ups

We free up the disk space, making more room for writing files. This speeds up the writing process by deleting unnecessary files. Our professionals help you run clean-ups every month.

Surface Analysis

We perform disk surface analysis-scanning utilities for bad or suspect spots on a disk. Our experts help you relocate the data to a safe spot, helping you avoid any data loss.

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