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No matter what size your business, a FireFold Phone System can help you maintain a competitive edge while saving you money. FireFold provides a level of technology that a simple phone system just can’t compare to.

At FireFold Tech, we provide you with more powerful and advanced,  VoIP communications system at most competitive prices in the market. Call us at (704) 979-8030 or write to us at Support@FireFoldTech.com or fill the form on your right to get expert advice from our professionals

Why choose FireFold Phone for your business?

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Our technicians will help you choose a backup method and schedule that is convenient for you as well as professionally handle any misfortune that may arise, offering you peace of mind and uninterrupted operation.

Lowered Costs –

One of the main benefits of VOIP phone systems is cost savings. Traditional phone systems require expensive hardware and maintenance, as well as long-distance and international calling fees. VOIP phone systems, on the other hand, require only a reliable internet connection and a small amount of hardware. In addition, most VOIP service providers offer low-cost calling plans and unlimited calling within certain regions or countries. This can lead to significant cost savings for businesses, especially those with international clients or remote employees.

Flexibility and Mobility – VOIP phone systems offer businesses more flexibility and mobility than traditional phone systems. With VOIP, businesses can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. This is especially useful for businesses with remote employees, as they can easily stay connected and collaborate with colleagues from different locations. In addition, many VOIP service providers offer mobile apps that allow users to make and receive calls from their smartphones or tablets, further increasing mobility and flexibility.

Advanced Features – VOIP phone systems offer a range of advanced features that are not available with traditional phone systems. Some of these features include: Call forwarding: Calls can be forwarded to other numbers or devices, such as a mobile phone or voicemail. Auto-attendant: An automated attendant can answer and route incoming calls to the appropriate department or employee. Call recording: Calls can be recorded for training, quality assurance, or legal purposes. Voicemail-to-email: Voicemails can be transcribed and sent to a designated email address for easy access and organization. Conference calling: Multiple parties can participate in a single call, making it easy to collaborate and communicate with remote team members or clients.

How FireFold Tech Can Help You with VoIP?


VOIP phone systems are highly scalable, making them a great option for growing businesses. Traditional phone systems require expensive hardware and infrastructure upgrades to accommodate growth, but VOIP systems can easily be scaled up or down as needed. This means that businesses can add or remove phone lines or users as their needs change, without the need for significant hardware or infrastructure investments.

Improved Customer Service

Finally, VOIP phone systems can improve customer service for businesses. Advanced features such as call recording, call forwarding, and auto-attendant can help ensure that calls are answered promptly and routed to the appropriate department or employee. In addition, some VOIP service providers offer analytics and reporting tools that allow businesses to track call volume, wait times, and other metrics to identify areas for improvement and optimize customer service.

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are certified to install and configure VoIP equipment and services. By partnering with FireFold Technologies, you receive a superior level of performance and customer support. VOIP phone systems offer numerous benefits for businesses, including cost savings, flexibility, advanced features, scalability, and improved customer service. By switching to a VOIP phone system, businesses can increase productivity and efficiency, improve communication and collaboration, and save money on their phone bills.

Reap the benefits of an enterprise-grade VoIP system and accelerate your business to success with cost-effective FireFold services. We are certain that you will find amazing benefits by implementing the Allworx Phone system at your business. If you are looking for more details about the installation and configuration, kindly ring us on (704) 979-8030 or write to us at Support@FireFoldTech.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much bandwidth do I need?

High-speed Internet is required for business VoIP. The actual bandwidth needed depends upon the number of concurrent calls that have to be made, and a vast number of simultaneous calls will demand more bandwidth. Connect with our tech support for more information (704) 979-8030.

Q. Does switching to VoIP lowers the quality of the calls?

VoIP quality has improved tremendously over the years, and now one can’t tell the difference between the calls made via PSTN and the VoIP network.

Q. Is VoIP secure?

VoIP is fully-secure; the calls are encrypted so no unauthorized users can access them. 

Q. How do I make calls using VoIP?

There is no need to dial any special number. Making & receiving calls with VoIP is the same as with a standard telephone/mobile. 

Q. Does VoIP support 911 calls?

It’s important to note that the 911 service does not work on your VoIP phones unless you activate the E911 feature. Your location information does not automatically register with the emergency services database when you purchase your phone numbers. You must manually supply the location information.