What is Malware and How You Can Avoid It

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August 24, 2017
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August 24, 2017

Malware is a term that is used to mean malicious software. It is an umbrella term that is used to refer to various intrusive software which includes the Trojan horses, viruses, spyware, worms and other various malicious programs. It can also be referred as any piece of software that is written with the intention of harming devices, people or data.

How Malware Works

Malware is deliberately created to infect the machine by tricking the unsuspected user into clicking and installation of the malicious program from the internet. After the clicking and installation of the program, the malicious code executes the actions that the user does not intend to perform. Some of the actions include;

1.Blocking – The user will not be able to access the programs, files, and even the system itself.

2.Self- replication – Some files will replicate in the file system.

3.Some essential system components end up breaking making the machine inoperable.

How to Avoid Malware

Below are some ways you can use as your small business computer security to prevent malware:

1] Update Your Browsers, Plugins and the System

Ensure that you update your system regularly. It is meant to secure you against any vulnerabilities. Failure to update the browsers and the plugins will give the cybercriminals a leeway to your device.

2] Use Strong Passwords

Make sure you use goofy passwords that are hard to hack. Make it unique and change it often. It is also advisable to ensure it is not easily found on any of your information like identification number.

3] Use Firewall and Antivirus Programs

The firewall and other antivirus programs will detect and help in blocking any malicious actions on your device.

Cybercrime is on rise. Even the mega organizations are prone to malware attacks. Losing files and other vital documents would be traumatizing. Ensure you protect your system against any malware using the above small business computer security measures.