Why Having Your Own Email Address Is More Professional Than a Gmail or Yahoo! Account

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February 10, 2017
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Concept of sending e-mails from your computer

If you have a company or business by the name of say, Leeway Digital, then an email address like robert@leewaydigital.com appears more professional than robert.leewaydigital@gmail.com.The reason is because the former gives off the impression that there exists a site with the URL www.leewaydigital.com. This causes anyone reading your emails to take you more seriously,because only people serious about their company would go through the effort of launching their own website; since websites bring in more business.

www.leewaydigital.com may or may not exist. Even if it doesnt exist, the email address is still good enough to convince people that it does. If it does exist, then that is good for driving traffic to your site.

What if you have a site but not a business email ID?

This is a very likely scenario. After all, domains can be purchased for as little as $2. Building your site with free tools like WordPress isnt too difficult either. Neither is populating it with content. But email is an entirely different affair. Google Apps charges $5 per user for the month,although they give you a discount and charge you only $50 if you opt for their annual plan. For as mall business with just eight employees, that is still $400, which is prohibitively expensive. Zoho gives you robert@leewaydigital.com for free (and for 25 other users at your company as well).
The only issue is that the email inbox
s storage capacity is limited. But even this can be overcome by using an email client (there are free ones like Mozilla Thunderbird) and the POP email server configuration. What this means is that emails will be downloaded and stored on your computer; not online or in the cloud, so you need not worry about restrictive email storage limits. A drawback, though, is that you cant access your email on other devices.
There isnt any free business email which comes with all features. But you can still get a business email ID for free. This would have a positive effect on your business and you should be able to afford a full-featured business email later.

Creating the right first impression is essential for any business, and this is what a business email ID helps accomplish. A survey found that it mattered to 70% of email recipients, with many of them expressing the concern that a Gmail or Yahoo! email ID used for business communication could belong to a fly-by-night operator. On any given day, robert@leewaydigital.com sounds definitely more trustworthy than robert.leewaydigital@gmail.com.