Why You Need to Back Up Your Computer Daily/Automatically

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February 8, 2017
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February 10, 2017

The loss of data is inevitable during the lifetime of a computer.  You could delete files, even clear out your Recycle Bin and then require them later. If you have backed up your computer,this shouldnt be difficult. This is why it is important to back up your computer.

One threat that computer users have been seeing a lot of lately is ransomware  these collectively refer to malicious programs that lock up your data and force you to pay a ransom if you want access to your files. If you have backed up your computer, you can get around this easily.

If your computer is attacked by a virus that has a major effect on your system, one which cannot be undone by an antivirus, then you would have no option but to re-install your operating system.And when this is done, it is recommended that your format or wipe clean everything on your hard disk so that the virus is also erased out completely. If you dont do this, the virus could attack your operating system again. The problem with formatting your hard disk is that your files basically everything you worked on  and other data is also lost. It would take a long time to download all the music that was on your computer. If you have backed up your computer, you can restore it to an earlier point in time, before the virus attacked your system; and ensure that things continue to work smoothly.

Some data or programs cannot be replaced. Computers run for years, and it is possible that the display drivers for your computer monitor are no longer available from the manufacturer or its website, owing to the model being phased out or support for your operating system withdrawn.You might have lost the installation disk, considering how much time has elapsed between the time of purchase and now. This then puts you in a quandary  you have to use generic device drivers and might not be able to extract the best performance out of your computer. The same applies to keyboards, mice and/or printers.

There are two ways of backing up your computer. You can back up your files by storing copies on another hardware device, like removable storage, or on the cloud  services like Dropbox and Google Drive let you store a vast amount of data online. This way, even if your hard disk fails,you can still have your files with you. The second way is to back up your system. A snapshot of how things were at a particular point in time is taken. Your system can be restored to this point(and you also get your files back) if something bad happens, like a severe virus/malware infection, or any other. Some operating systems create restore points automatically, but it is recommended that you do this manually  the last ‘restore point created may be earlier than the date/time you wanted to go back to, because of one or more files that you created/stored later.