Network Administration

Network design, installation, maintainance and repair
Your business depends on experienced network administration.

Unlike many home users, a company network usually requires more than a simple router. With higher performance demands comes more difficulty in set-up and maintenance. And that’s where FireFold Tech comes in!

Network administration you can depend on

A carefully planned network is also essential to access speeds and security. For most companies, setting up secure connections including levels of access and guest accounts is an essential factor in maintaining privacy and preventing unauthorized use.

Regular network evaluations mean improved performance, enhanced security, and uninterrupted internet service. FireFold Technologies has years of experience in analyzing the networking needs of companies in the area. Whether you wish to improve an existing network or start from scratch, our professionals can design a network based on efficiency and performance. Even if you currently have a network you are happy with, FireFold Technologies can monitor it to ensure your connections are safe and effective.

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